💻 Store and Share all types of content in one click

Create as many smart digital safe as you want to store all your personal or professional documents. Keep your contents at hand and share them with a simple custom link

Store your content securely

Categorize your safes to store your documents in complete security, putting your safes in private or public depending on your needs


You have from 200 GB to 3TB of storage space, depending on the plan chosen, so you can create as many safes as you need without limit to store all your content

Share content with coworkers and clients

To share your safes, simply get the customizable link and choose the desired authentication.

The authentication is the method that allows your customers or colleagues to unlock your smart safe. You can choose between password, email address or payment !

With the different authentications that we offer to unlock the safes, you can choose the password that will allow you to share your safe in complete security

To share your work, you can also have multiples smart safes shared with your team to organize and centralize all your documents in one place

Control the activity of your share link

For security purposes, it is always a good option to have a view on the activity of the link you shared. 

With our features, you will have all the information you need to analyze the statistics of your smart safes. 

You can see your storing and sharing activity

What our customers says about sharing features


James GOFF

As I am used to sharing large documents at work, I regularly use paypersafe to organize and share my documents with my colleagues. I recommend it because of its ease of use!



Personally, I use paypersafe to file my documents and organize myself in order not to lose anything. It is also convenient to send documents quickly and easily! I really like this safe system


Teresa LAND

I am very satisfied with the paypersafe solution. It facilitates my document exchanges. All types of documents are accepted in the same safe, which allows me to send everything at once

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