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In all business, content, files and documents  circulate regularly. However, managing all these files in a secure manner requires time and organization. With Paypersafe, you can easily protect all your files by creating your digital safes. You can also send them easily with a personalized link to your brand !

400 + clients who are protected our files with a password

Create your digital safe and protect your files easily

With Paypersafe, you can create smart digital safes, with features that will allow you to use them differently according to your needs !

 You will have the possibility to monetize your contents, generate leads and store and protect all your files !

By creating a digital safe you can protect your documents with a strong password. This way, no one will be able to access your content without this password!

Secure your file with a password protection

With Paypersafe, protecting your files is child’s play !  It’s very simple, sign up for free, create a safe with password security and upload your files.

Once your content to be protected with a password is uploaded, you can also customize your digital safe to your brand, by adding a logo, your colors and an image or a video presentation !

When you’re done, your digital safe is now protected by the password of your choice and stored on Paypersafe !

Share and send you protect file quickly

When your file is protected and stored on Paypersafe, you can also share it with anyone in your team or with your clients !

It’s very simple, when your digital safe is created, Paypersafe automatically generates a sharing link that you can distribute simply by sending it to your recipient.

To access your protected file, your recipient will have to enter the password you have chosen.

What our customers says about file protection



The password feature is great for protecting these documents! Also, thanks to the analysis board, we can know who has opened our safe or not! I can’t wait to see the new features!



Paypersafe allows me to store and protect all my content without any limits. I am an independent consultant in corporate law. I have to deal with sensitive documents on a regular basis. This is really the ideal solution for me. 



What I like about Paypersafe is the unlimited safes! It allows me to be organized and know that I am not at risk of losing my documents. So far, I am very satisfied with it. 

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