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Paypersafe allows all companies in the legal sector to manage all their confidential documents. Legal professionals are faced with regulations that require them to handle confidential data in a secure manner! With Paypersafe, you can organize any service from a single platform. Store your files, protect them and send them easily in a secure way, thanks to its password protection. 

Safeguard the confidentiality in your law firm

Ensuring the security of your personal documents and those of your customers is essential to maintain the highest level of quality and standards. Traditional methods of sending files by e-mail do not allow for 100% protection of your documents and thus make them vulnerable to numerous cyber-attacks. 

Paypersafe, offers you to store and protect your documents through a password authentication system. The only way to access your files is to validate a password that you set up yourself. 

Store your confidential document

With Paypersafe, all your confidential documents are stored on your personal space. You have up to 3 terra of storage space to store and manage all your documents and those of your customers, in a simple and efficient way. You have the possibility to classify your files on your dashboard and to send them to anyone, thanks to a simple sharing link. 

All your documents become accessible and especially dynamic from a single space. 

Thanks to the simplicity of use of the tool, you will be able to gain time and efficiency in the management of your files. 

Share your confidential document securely

Traditional sharing methods are no longer sufficient to protect against cyber attacks. To protect your document shipments and ensure a high level of security when transferring documents, we have designed an effective, customizable and adaptable security system. The operation is very simple. You store your sensitive documents in a digital safe

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