🚀 Improve your life as a graphic designer

With Paypersafe, we have decided to create the best graphic designer app that allow you to manage and develop your business from a single platform ! Store and share your work easily, sell all your content in few clicks and organize all your work ! 

😍 1000+ graphic designer who grow our business with paypersafe

Boost Your Productivity

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Boost your productivity with the most complete tool available !

With Paypersafe you will be able to gather all your contents in one place, organize them as you wish by client or by project and share them in 2 clicks.

By creating smart safes at Paypersafe, before sharing them, you will be able to customize them according to your clients for more professionalism.

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Store and share large files easily !

With Paypersafe you have up to 3TB of space online to store or share all your content ! With your graphic designer app, you can create showcase safes, like a portfolio, to share your projects with prospects. Or simply share and send all your creations to whoever you want, in a few clicks!

For your clients, create the digital vault you need, embed your work to share and easily send it to your client with your customizable link.

Protect Your Work And Sell It In A Few Clicks

All content in your digital safe is protected

Paypersafe allows you to share all types of content without size limitation in just a few clicks. No need to waste time wondering which document was for which client ! Simply create a safe for each client to get organized

Once your safe is created and customized according to your brand branding, choose the authentication you want. 

If you want to sell your content, choose the payment method. 

If you want to collect email addresses, the email address authentication is available. 

You can also choose password unlocking. Simple, Fast and Secure!

Create Your Digital Safe According to Your Needs

Paypersafe is the best app for graphic designer ! This tool allows you to create smart safes to store, share or sell your content in a fast and secure way. 

You will be able to create safes with different security methods that will allow you to have at your disposal a maximum of useful features for your business. You will find :


  • Password security to protect your files and documents
  • Security by payment to sell your creations easily
  • E-mail security to collect leads

What our customers says about PayperSafe



I’ve been a freelancer for 10 years and I’ve always needed a lot of time to organize my documents, file them by client or remember each client file. With PayperSafe, as soon as I have a client, I open a safe. It’s that simple!


Margaret Mahon

I am new in the field of freelance, after having fallen on an advertisement of PayperSafe, I decided to test since it answered my problem! I highly recommend it !


Richard WILSON

I have been a graphic designer for a few years now and I find paypersafe’s payment authentication very reassuring! Now I know I’m not at risk of late payment or theft of my work! I recommend it!

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