Grow Your Business Easily

A business requires time and energy to grow ! Paypersafe is a tool that allows you to generate leads, sell or share your content and boost your productivity !Β 

😍 1000+ entrepreneur who grow our business with paypersafe

Boost Your Productivity and your business

Whether you are a coach or an entrepreneur, you will be able to boost your productivity with the most complete tool on the market !Β 

With Paypersafe, you will be able to organize all your content in one place. You can create one or more safes according to your needs. Of course, all types of content are accepted !Β 

So if you create videos for your coaching or write ebooks to share your tips, Paypersafe is made for you. By creating smart safes, you will be able to personalize them according to your clients for more professionalism and then distribute them in 2 clicks thanks to a sharing link.

Generate more leads for your acvtivity

To develop your business as a coach or an entrepreneur, you need to stand out to promote your services and get clients. 

With Paypersafe, you can generate leads, create an email address book or sell your content quickly from the Paypersafe platform. Create the digital safe you need, integrate your lead magnet and share your smart safes to collect leads !

Paypersafe has an integration with Mailchimp that will allow you to automate everything and therefore save you time !

Sell All Your Digital Content In A Few Clicks

Paypersafe allows you to share or sell any type of content without size limitation in just a few clicks. Β 

If you want to sell your content, choose theΒ payment method, create your digital safe, upload your E-book, your trainings or any other content you want to monetize ! Generate a sharing link and distribute it to your customers or prospects so that they can easily get your content.Β 

Your customer pays and gets your content at the same time !

Get Analytics from your contents

With Paypersafe, you can share all your content ( Training, courses, ebook, lead magnet …) And get all analytics from your contents easily. Analyze your datas such as sales, downloads, views, clicks and more.

You can create marketing strategy and analyze all your data from your dashboard !Β 

What our customers says about PayperSafe



As a coah, I often sell personalized coaching for my clients according to their needs. PayperSafe allows me to sell these videos in complete security without fear of not receiving my due



As an influencer, I am always involved in new projects to add value to what I do, and share or sell digital products to my community. However, until now, I had not found a shipping method that could not only deliver something valuable, but that its presentation would impact the people who receive it. Paypersafe is that and much more.



Β I love it !
This is a revolutionary tool in my opinion! A new and easy way to share and sell your content, it’s just huge!

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