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When we work in digital marketing we have a lot of web tools at our disposal. However, we often find ourselves with a full web toolbox, not very effective and which we will use very rarely. With Paypersafe we have chosen to create an effective, useful and above all efficient web tool for your business. The objective is simple, to offer you a complete tool to develop and manage your business from a single platform.

Boost your productivity

With Paypersafe, you can boost your productivity. it’s the best digital marketing tool for graphic designer, coach/consultant and digital marketing expert. 

Centralize all your content on Paypersafe. By creating your digital safes, you will be able to organize your E-books, trainings, Pdf, images, contracts,… in one place. 

Develop innovative marketing strategies

As digital marketing experts, we must continually renew and innovate our marketing strategies. With Paypersafe, you have the possibility to generate leads for your business and also to sell your digital content directly from Paypersafe !

Create the digital vault you need, integrate your content to sell or your lead magnet, and share your vault ! Moreover, integrate Mailchimp to set up email automation easily.

Your leads are directly integrated to your chimp mail site to set up automation that will explode your conversion rates!

Get Analytics from all your content

With Paypersafe, you can share all your content ( Training, courses, ebook, lead magnet …) And get all analytics from your content. analyze your datas such as downloads, views, clicks and more.

You can create marketing strategy and analyze all your data from your dashboard ! 

What our customers says about Paypersafe



I work in the field of marketing as a consultant. It happens very often that I have to sell my consultations to clients. With Paypersafe, it’s very easy to do and very smooth to use!



Paypersafe is very convenient to use on a daily basis. Personally, I use it to sell my documents and to collect leads to create a relevant email address book !


Claudia TOPPS

Paypersafe is a platform that I highly recommend. I use their features every day for my work! I’m very happy with it

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