How To Generate More Lead For Small Business ?

Generating leads for a small business is more important than anything else. With the competition getting tougher and tougher, it is necessary to stand out from the crowd in an efficient way. There is an infinite number of techniques to generate leads, but they must be qualified and ready to be transformed into customers. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to generate leads efficiently for your small business

generate leads

What does lead generation mean?

lead generation

Lead generation means all the actions that allow you to create contacts with people who show an interest in your brand. There are different stages in the process of transforming a lead into a customer. In fact, at the beginning every person is considered as a suspect. The suspect is a person of whom we know nothing and of whom we have no contact. We do not know their motivations or their interest in buying.

In a second step, the suspect becomes a lead when a first contact is made. However, at this stage, despite the first contact, we are not yet sure that he is interested in your brand.

lead generation

Then, the lead becomes a prospect when he has expressed an interest in your service or your brand. This is when it makes sense to contact your prospect and learn more about him.

The last step is when the person becomes a customer, which means that they have purchased your service or product.

You will have understood, the objective of generating leads is to maximize the chances of being known but also to transform them into customers and therefore to sell.


There are several ways to generate leads, it is necessary to take time to think and to make a real strategy to attract only people who are really interested in your brand.

Lead generation strategies

lead strategy
lead strategy

Again, there are several possible strategies to implement. It depends on your needs, the tools you have, your budget and many others.

Despite the endless possibilities available, there are certain steps to follow. To attract qualified leads, you need to create relevant content that adds value to your target. You can share this content on your website, on your social networks or even on Paypersafe by sharing an ebook.

Then, you can also set up a newsletter on your website with a pop up that encourages them to subscribe or by highlighting your Paypersafe safe. With your digital safe, you can choose the “email” option and share your contents in exchange for verified email addresses. This technique is not well known, but we’ll tell you about it later in the article.

Let’s not forget that if you clicked on this article, it’s because you have a small business or you are planning to start one soon. Generally, when you start, you don’t have the budget to do big emailing campaigns, so you have to fall back on free tools. If you have a website, it is essential to do SEO. This involves optimizing the pages of your site, but also blog posts and social networks.

Now that you have some basics in lead generation strategy, here are some tips to get you started!

5 tips to increase your leads

Tips to generate leads
  • Sell E-books

You can write ebooks about the programs you sell, the products you sell. The most important thing when you sell an ebook is to add value so that your lead is interested in your brand. It is possible to sell your ebook directly from Paypersafe. By creating a digital safe, you can upload your ebook and add the option to sell and email. This way you can collect money from your ebook AND collect verified emails in one action.

  • Paypersafe Digital Safe

This second tip is similar to the first one, with Paypersafe you can power up your business with the available features. It is a real tool that has become indispensable for generating leads

Tips to generate leads
Tips for lead generation
Tips for lead generation

  • Create an email list

By having this strategy of added value ebooks, you can either sell them as mentioned in the first point, or just share them. By sharing them and activating the email option on your Paypersafe safe, you will be able to directly collect verified emails from people who have downloaded the content of your safe.

  • Create a newsletter

Once you have collected all the emails that might be interested in your content, your brand and what you are selling, you can start a newsletter. The newsletter will allow you to give news to your prospects and remind them that you exist while sharing tips, news etc…

  • Create a link

This point is essential to keep in mind, to transform qualified leads into customers who buy, it is necessary to create a relationship with them and to have a certain proximity!


To conclude with this article, you have some ideas on how to generate leads in an efficient way when you have a small business. The objective is to create a link with the leads you get so that they are loyal. You can test the tips we gave you above and adjust them to your needs. For Paypersafe, you have a free plan that allows you to create safes to create email lists or sell your work safely. 

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