How To Monetize Online Content ?

Content monetization is a way to sell any kind of content (video, pdf, articles…) and receive money in return when someone buys it from you. These people can be part of your community, if you already have one. There is a multitude of content to put on sale, you just have to be creative and use the right platform !
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Who Can Monetize Their Content ?

content creator can monetize their online content
Honestly, anyone can monetize their content ! But there are some existing jobs that are compatible with this practice. If you are a content creator on social media, you should already know about content monetization. But there are several ways to sell your content. You can sell exclusive content that you will offer only to your most loyal followers. This way, you will keep your community loyal and you will be closer to them ! If you are a digital marketing consultant, you can sell your content too ! You can sell your knowledge via ebooks for example by giving advice on different topics ! Everybody can monetize his content, and I let you read on to know what kind of content you can monetize !
content creator can monetize their online content

What Kind Of Content To Monetize ?

monetize digital content
monetize digital content
In this article, we give you some ideas of content you can sell ! First of all, ebooks. Ebooks are a very clever way to sell relevant content to a target audience. You can write ebooks by topic and sell them to relevant communities. If you are a sports coach, you can offer your community to go deeper into the sessions with exclusive training videos ! If you are a content creator, you can sell exclusive photos or videos to your community. Here is a non-exhaustive list of online content that you can monetize:
  • Ebooks
  • Exclusive videos and photos
  • Address list
  • Recipe book
  • Video courses or pdf documents
  • Audios of your music
  • and much more…

What Tool Can You Use To Monetize Your Content ?

platform to monetize online content

Today we present you the Paypersafe platform. Paypersafe is a platform that allows you to create digital safes where you can store, share and sell your content in a secure way.

There are currently 3 types of safes: Email safe – Password safe – Payment safe

We will only talk about the payment safe but if you want to know more about the other types of safes, stay tuned for the next articles coming !

By using the payment safe, you will be able to monetize all your content in a secure way in a few clicks. Your customer will have to pay to access your content, which will allow you to receive your money directly without waiting and without risking unpaid bills.

To share your safe with your customers, nothing could be easier, you generate a sharing link that you send to your customers !

We also have a few extra features, especially for monitoring the activities of your safe. When you sell the contents of your safe to your community or your customers, you have at your disposal a dashboard that summarizes all the statistics related to the activity of your safe.

platform to monetize online content

How To Monetize Content With PayperSafe ?

First Step : Select the plan & Register

selection of the plan

You can choose the plan that best suits your needs. We have set up 3 plans:

  • The Free plan
  • The starter plan
  • The business plan

It’s up to you to make your choice. The free plan was mainly created to test the tool, so you are necessarily a little more limited than the other two plans.

For the starter plan and the company, you have 7 days of free trial without entering your credit card. You have unlimited safes, the team feature but also the customization of your safe, domain name … for more professionalism

After choosing the plan you want, you can register with your name, surname and email address as well as your sector of activity. 

We ask for the sector of activity to better know our customers and better target your needs later on !

selection of the plan

Second Step : Select What Type Of Safe Do You Want

select what type of safe

As said before, there are three types of safes : 

  • Payment safe
  • Password safe
  • E-mail safe

Each safe can be assigned to one of your customers for example

Third Step : Upload Your Content & Share The Link

customize your safe
Once you have completed both steps, you can now upload all the content you wish to monetize and sell. You can then customize your safe. When you have completed these steps, you will be able to generate a share link and send this link to your entire community or to your customers. When they receive this link, it will be mandatory to pay before accessing the content. You will then receive your money directly !
customize your safe


To monetize online content, anyone can do it with the right idea ! Today there are easy to use and secure platforms, including Paypersafe ! With Paypersafe you can monetize content in 2 clicks in a secure way while monitoring the activity of your safe. No need to create a website to sell your digital products, create a safe, customize it and sell the content of your safe to your whole community in a few clicks !

Do You Want To Monetize Your Content Now ?

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