How to password protect confidential files ?

Protecting your documents is even more important when they contain confidential information of your customers or your company. It is therefore essential to take adequate measures to secure all types of documents. There are several ways to do this, but you still need to find the appropriate and trusted platform to store this information ! It is thus in this article where I will explain you how to protect your documents that you are a professional or a private individual !

protect confidential files

Why protect your documents ?

protect documents

Protecting our documents has become essential nowadays. The fear of being hacked, of disclosing confidential information or simply of losing these documents is a constant fear that we can have on a daily basis. It has therefore become almost mandatory to secure all these documents and to find a reliable way to do so.

The goal here is to keep control of your documents and limit malicious external threats as much as possible. If you’re a business, there are also some pretty strict regulations in terms of data protection, so it’s important to do the necessary research to protect your data and your customers’ data.

Following this article, we will share with you the solutions that exist to protect your documents in a reliable, secure way with strong authentication !

protect documents

How to protect your documents ?

solution to protect confidential files

To protect these documents, there are several methods to ensure maximum security of the documents in all circumstances and thus avoid malicious threats. As said before, there are several ways to protect these documents on a daily basis :

  • Having an anti-virus on your computer will limit and prevent hackers or malware
  • Do not download or click on suspicious links. This advice sounds obvious but we can often let our guard down and click on a link or a suspicious site.
  • Secure your documents with a strong password. The most efficient way would be not to have the same password for all the documents
solution to protect confidential files
protect files Paypersafe
protect files Paypersafe
  • Integrate all your documents on dedicated and trusted platforms that use document encryption and multiple authentications
  • Encrypt your documents using appropriate software
  • Have multiple types of authentications when you open a document: password – email address…
  • Track the activity, when possible, of your documents. With Paypersafe you have the possibility to track your documents’ data such as who downloaded your content, how many times or when

The advantages of protecting your documents with paypersafe

With Paypersafe, you can be sure that your documents are secure. When you sign up and create an account, you enter your personal dashboard to create digital safes. By embedding your documents in your vault, only you will have access to them. You have total control over what goes into your safe. You have total control over it, in fact, you can choose to make your safes public (if you want to share your creations as a “showcase site” for example) or to make them totally private. When your safe is private, you can store your documents, share them or sell them. There are 3 possible actions :

  • Store your documents
  • Share your documents
  • Sell your documents

When you store them in a private safe, only you will have access to the safe.

To share your documents, with colleagues for example, to protect your safe as much as possible and to limit data exchanges, you can activate a double authentication. This means that to access your safe, your colleague will have to enter a password (which you will have given him beforehand) and enter a valid email address. You can choose either dual authentication or one of them.

To sell your documents, your work, we have set up a payment authentication. Your customer will have to pay to access the contents of the safe. For more security, you can activate the double authentication of payment and valid email address.

All the documents in your safe are secured by an encrypted document system. It is also obvious that we, Paypersafe as a company, have absolutely no access to your safes. You also have access to a tracking dashboard where you can see the activity of your safe. You can therefore store your documents in complete peace of mind !


To conclude this article, it is very important in the professional world or in your daily life to protect your documents. Several systems exist to achieve this, however for the sake of convenience, it is more beneficial to store all your documents in one place to avoid getting lost.

Having a personal computer that you use to store confidential documents is an easy way for malicious people to steal your data or hack into your computer.

So Whether you are a company, a freelancer or a private individual, anyone wishing to keep documents confidential must act and secure the documents since nowadays, saving documents on his professional or personal computer is not enough !

Do You Want To Protect Confidential Files ?

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