How To Use Paypersafe As A Professional ?

With digital transformation, we have become accustomed to having access to information almost instantly, and the first thing most people do is to consult their apps when they want to know something. In this article, you will understand the role of content creation, why it’s important to sell premium content and discover an all-in-one app to build your business around your passion and skills. 


As a professional, what is the importance of content creation?

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Digital marketing is quite broad, and there are several strategies to promote your brand. However, their characteristics are different and each of them has its importance within online marketing.


In a context where access to information has become massive and Internet users are always looking for new things on the Internet, content creation emerges as a way to capture this audience and make them pay for what you are ready to offer them – whether it’s online courses, tutorials, or entertaining content.

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Considering that, content creation is important for digital marketing because of the following:

l  It helps promote your brand,

l  It encourages a closer relationship between your business and your followers or prospects,

l  It improves online positioning and authority,

l  It increases conversion,

l  It creates engagement,

l  It increases organic traffic to your social media pages,

l  And, above all, it increases your sales.

Who is PayPerSafe for?


You may be wondering if PayPerSafe is for you. It is for all content creators, no matter in what niche you are operating. The following creators can use PayPerSafe.

  • Freelancers
  • Models
  • Professional or amateur coaches
  • Bloggers (to sell their premium articles)
  • DIY bloggers
  • Health coaches
  • Trainers of all kinds
  • Entertainers

This list is not exhaustive. If you are just starting out in entrepreneurship you can launch your business with PayPerSafe. The app gives you all the tools you need !


How to make money with PayPerSafe?

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This app offers various methods for the professional to monetize their content.

earn money


You can sell your content via monthly subscription. Your followers will have access to it for a certain fee. If you regularly produce premium content, this type of pricing is a perfect fit. Let’s say you have 10,000 followers only on Instagram and between 1% and 5% subscribe to a series of your premium videos for $14.99 per month. That brings in between $1,500 and $7,500 per month.


Selling your content on PayPerSafe is much more profitable than various partnerships with brands.

Sell your advice

If you are a coach or other influential person, you already give free advice on various social networks. PayPerSafe gives you the opportunity to sell your most valuable tips to your most engaged followers.


For example, you can make a series of videos that they can access after paying a certain amount. PayPerSafe is secure, payments are made in-app and you can restrict unauthorized sharing of your work. Even screenshots can be restricted. The app also has a dashboard that allows you to monitor real-time access to your different files.

Pay Per View with PayPerSafe

In the same way, you can adapt the Pay Per View system of the OnlyFans app, for example, to earn even more money.


Sell E-books

PayPerSafe allows you to run a real marketplace of digital products. You can sell a collection of eBooks via the app. Selling eBooks is a real source of passive income. If you already have books, you can upload them all at once to PayPerSafe, choose payment as authentication method, set their price, and then promote them on your different social media pages.


Can I link Paypersafe with my social media pages ?

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PayPerSafe was designed for influencers of all kinds. Now you can leverage your fans in the best way, selling your own content, instead of depending on partner brands. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp, PayPerSafe gives you a link to your safes and defines the access method: payment, email, password, or free.

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PayPerSafe, an Alternative to OnlyFans

You probably already know OnlyFans and the controversy that is currently surrounding this app. Starting from a simple content sharing platform, it is very much associated today with an adult site. This can compromise the plan of professionals who want to launch a serious business through the app. It is no longer very professional to share links on this platform.


PayPerSafe offers a new start for professionals who want to improve the image of their business. In addition to having all the features of OnlyFans, it is more secure in terms of storing your content and restricting unauthorized file sharing. PayPerSafe is the app you need to use to enhance your image while having the level of privacy you need.

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