How to use PayPerSafe ?




I - How Does It Work ?

With PayPerSafe, you will be able to store, share, and sell your content 


It’s so easy to use, we can break it down into 4 simple steps.


Open your account with your email and create a username.


Open a new safe, name it and Choose a security mode.


Upload your content


Open a new safe, name it and Choose a security mode.

And of course, customization

What To Know

Store Any Type of Content

You can safely store your confidential documents, IDs, driver’s licenses, and more.

Up to 5 terabits (videos, photos, audios, PDF…).

Share Them

You can share your safes on social media, or with whom you want: professionals or individuals. There are 3 security modes for them to access safes.

When a safe is opened, the person will be able to see and download the files it contains.

Sell Your Safe

You create a native payment link that you send to your recipients. They can use PayPal or bank cards to pay for your content. More Payment methods will be added.

You will be able to request a withdrawal when your balance reaches €50.

PayPerSafe Commissions

PayPerSafe Commission are the following: 2% excluding PayPal fees, i.e., 5% + 0.50€ per transaction. Whether you have one file or 100 files in your safe, the commission remains the same.

Customize your safes

You can, if you wish, personalize your digital safe by integrating your own domain name. You can add image, logo, or video backgrounds. This allows you to personalize your offers in an unlimited way.

PayPerSafe Dashboard

Thanks to the PayPerSafe dashboard, you will have a detailed view of customer activities:

email list, payments and safe-opening statistics.

II - How to make money with PayPerSafe ?

For entrepreneurs, there are many ways to earn income with PayPerSafe. Whether you’re a coach, trainer, influencer, or just an entrepreneur launching your business, the platform puts everything you need at your fingertips, all on one easy-to-use dashboard.


Let’s take a look at the use cases of PayPerSafe to make money from your passion right now.

Pay Per View – Sell Your Services

The concept of Pay Per View means that people pay you to see your content or your work. For example, if you are an influencer who is already giving away tips for free on Instagram, you can draft your most loyal followers to a safe via a link in your bio. In this way,

you offer them your premium tutorials or tips.


Thanks to the payment option, you can easily sell content without any upfront investment.

For professionals or freelancers, you can deliver your work in the same way via your safes. For example, a designer can deliver his logos via paid safes to be sure to get paid before the client accesses the source files.

Content can be sold through any medium on PayPerSafe: images, infographics, PDFs, music, videos, photos, legal documents, etc.

Collecting emails

For a real business strategy, you need to build a list of prospect emails. PayPerSafe makes it easy.

No need to hire a developer to set up your mailing list. With the email-access option, you can share guides for free in exchange for emails.

This allows you to create multiple email lists simultaneously and get an idea of what your prospects want. Then use your email lists to make other offers.

Exchange your documents for a password.

You can also share your files with the help of a password, to be sure to send securely and exchange endlessly your personal or professional files.

Thanks to the links provided, it is easy to integrate visitors into your product descriptions or landing pages.

III - Who are we ?

Store Any Type of Content

PayPerSafe is a tool that allows users to store, share, and sell any kind of content. It’s created by a French start-up from the South of France.

You can share your content in exchange for a payment, a password, or an email.

We could even call it a Pay-Per-View web app (!), Since your customer must pay to access or see your content. No more unpaid invoices, PayPerSafe is an all-in-one tool for professionals: influencers, lawyers, coaches, freelancers, and the list goes on.

It’s the perfect tool to leverage or monetize your content. Our team is dedicated to creating the best solution for file sharing in our digital era of remote work!

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