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Content is king. This is a phrase that we have heard over and over again. And it is true. Content drives traffic, customers and even sales. But, how do you go about monetizing your content? Paypersafe offers a simple solution to this problem. Paypersafe is a new and revolutionary service that allows you to convert any content into revenue. It is the ultimate solution for freelancers, podcasters bloggers, marketers and anyone else who wants to collect money for their content.

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Beginners guide to Paypersafe

beginner guide how to monetize content

New users to Paypersafe are often curious about how it works. Although the service is very simple, it can be a little bit difficult to understand at first. Now, to help you understand how Paypersafe works, we have created a short guide that will walk you through the process of creating your account and start monetize your online content. We hope that this guide will help you understand how Paypersafe works and why it is such an effective way to monetize content. 

beginner guide how to monetize content

1. Sign up for Paypersafe

To get started, the first thing that you need to do is sign up for Paypersafe. To do this go on our website, click the “pricing” category or de “Free Trial” button. At this stage, you can choose between three plans depending on your situation. If you just want to test our platform, you have the free plan at your service.

Once you have chosen the plan, you will be taken to a dashboard page. This dashboard page means that your account is activated, and you will be ready to start using the Paypersafe service.

2. Create your safe

Now that you have your Paypersafe account, you can start using our service. The first thing that you need to do is to create your first safe. This is a very simple task, and it can be done in only a few minutes. The next step is to upload your content in your safe (any type of content is authorized).

3. Upload Your Content

You can include all types of content in your safe. To make your safe look professional and recognizable to your customers, you can add a title or even personalize it by adding a video or image in the background. To go further in the personalization of your safe, you can add your logo if you have one or even have your own domain name.

4. Which authentication to choose

At paypersafe, there are several possible authentications: Email – Password – Payment

You can also choose two authentications according to your needs, such as requesting a verified email address and a payment (of the amount of your choice) to access your safe.

The different authentifications are : 

  • Email: If you want to collect verified email addresses or just have a view on who opens your safe then you can choose email authentication. This means that your customer will have to enter a valid email address to unlock your safe and thus access your contents

  • Password: If you use paypersafe for personal use only to share or store documents, password authentication is for you! If your friends and family want to access your safe, they will have to enter the password you gave them beforehand

  • Payment: this is the part that interests you if you want to sell your contents. This authentication works like the others mentioned above. Your customer will have to pay before accessing your safe. The price of the safe will be set by you when you set up your safe.

This is actually a very simple process, and it is not time-consuming. The only thing that you need to do is to create the content that you will be selling and monetizing. And do not forget to pay attention to your audience’s reactions. If they like the content, they will pay you for it, and the money will come eventually.

This is all that you need to do to start monetizing your content through Paypersafe.

The benefits of Paypersafe

benefits of an all in one platform

As we said above, Paypersafe is a very simple service that allows you to monetize your content. However, not only is it easy to understand and use, it also offers several benefits to all its users. Among the benefits of Paypersafe you will find:

1. Monetize your content

As we already said, the main purpose of Paypersafe is to help users monetize their content. This means that you can earn money by selling all type of content. This can be very useful if you are trying to get more people to visit your social media by monetizing your content.

benefits of an all in one platform
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2. Easy to use

Although Paypersafe is a very powerful service, it is quite easy to use. You can monetize your content in a few clicks without having to learn how to use difficult tools or to use several services at the same time. Paypersafe is an all-in-one platform, it means that you can do everything in one place !

3. Get paid easily

Once you have sold some content, it is time to receive the money. The advantage with paypersafe is that there is no minimum amount. On your account, in the settings tab you can enter your bank details if you want your money to be paid directly into your bank account. Otherwise you can also connect payeprsafe to your paypal account to receive the money on your paypal account, it’s up to you.


You now have all the cards in hand to use paypersafe and make money by monetizing your content. It’s up to you, and don’t forget, you can test our platform for free right now by subscribing to our free plan !

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