Your digital safe



& Sell !

Secure sharing of audio, video, documents in exchange for an email, a password or money !

What can you use paypersafe for ?

Create multiple encrypted digital safes to store your content easily (audio, video, files…).

Control your content’s distribution with secured sharing: password, email or payment protected.

Never chase a payment again. Your digital content is safe and yours to monetize.

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Who is PayperSafe for ?

Webmasters, freelancers, Influencers, laboratories, entrepreneurs, trainers, lawyers, teachers, no matter who you are…

If you create original content, need to share sensitive information, create an email list, or make sure you get paid before giving away your work,then…

Paypersafe is for you.

Simple steps to get started with Paypersafe:

1. Create a safe, you can store 500MB MB for free per file and up to 100 Gb in total

2. Upload all your files at once,customize your safe

3. Choose one of the 3 authentication methods to share your content (payment – email – password)

4. Here we go, now you can share your safe !

Your subscription includes :

  • Up to 512MB per file – 100GB total storage
  • Customization options: Logo, domain name, design templates (Dark, Light or Pink Mode)
  • Teamwork ! (From 1 to unlimited )
  • Sales data analytics
  • Download permission
  • Protect against screenshots
  • Share a link to your safe with Facebook
  • LinkedIn – Pinterest – Twitter – Whatsapp – Email

Every share can become a good deed.

Opening a Paypersafe account takes 15 secondes, and each share can have a positive impact on the planet.

The Paypersafe team is a member of because we have chosen to position ourselves clearly and effectively in a CSR approach.

We want to have a positive impact and integrate environmental, social and governance criteria into our daily lives: Eco-branding, remote working, inclusive leadership. Our choices and actions are available to our users on request.

[email protected] — Being eco-friendly is a state of mind —

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