How to sell ebooks online ?

The online sale of digital products is growing every year. If you haven’t dared to start yet or if you just don’t know how it works, we explain it all in this article. Selling ebooks is a very interesting way to start selling digital products. This technique can bring you several advantages, especially lead generation. Come on, I let you read the rest !

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What’s an ebook ?


Yes, to get started in this business, you must first be sure you know what an ebook is. An ebook is simply a book but downloadable online.

There is a multitude of topics to cover that you can write yourself if you are a writer at heart or pay someone to write you an ebook. It is therefore you who decides the content of your ebook but also the number of pages there will be on your ebook, your target or marketing and communication around your ebook to sell it …


As said before, there are several themes that you can address, here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Stories (science fiction)

If you already have a community that interacts with you on a specific topic, you can turn it into
an ebook or survey them to find out what topic to cover in your ebook.

Start an Ebook Business

ebook business

1. Find a theme

Obviously, the first thing to do before starting an ebook business is to know what topic you are going to start with. As said before, if you already have a community, which is a real advantage, you can talk to them directly to get an idea of what topic to cover.
If you’re starting from scratch, you can research what topics are trending right now that you can write about.

2. Writing and design

Once the theme is found and the research is done, we move on to the writing. At this stage, there are two options, either you know how to write and you can then start writing your ebook, or you can hire someone to do it for you. Indeed, you should not neglect this step since it is the heart of your ebook. If the content is not up to the expectations of your customers, then there will be bad feedback and therefore bad publicity. It is therefore preferable to make the right decisions at this stage and therefore not to neglect the art of copywriting. When the content is validated and completed, it’s time to think about the design of the content. Again, this step is essential to attracting leads. So, if you’re not up to the idea of designing your ebook yourself, it’s best to delegate this step.

ebook business
business ebook online
business ebook online
  1. Set the price of your ebook

    When your ebook is finalized and ready to be sold, it’s time to set the selling price. How much do you want to sell your ebook for? To define your selling price, it is essential to do some research beforehand to compare the market price. The market price is the price established by competitors on an ebook similar to yours. When establishing a price, you must also take into account the commissions that the site may take. For our part, at Paypersafe, the commissions depend on the plan you have chosen.

  2. Sell your ebook

    To sell your ebook, it is necessary to think about a strategy before you launch. Do you want to advertise? If so, on which platforms and with what budget. All these questions should be considered beforehand in order to make your first sales. After your first sales, you will be able to use paypersafe to collect the verified email addresses of your customers and use them to thank them for their purchase for example.

Where to sell my ebook ?

There are several ways and platforms to sell your ebook. Here, as you can imagine, we propose you Paypersafe.

Paypersafe is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create safes in order to sell your content or to share it for free in exchange for a verified email address.


This means that you can sell your ebook but also collect a quality email list from your customers. With this tool, you can also have access to a dashboard that summarizes the activity of your vault and thus have a view on the statistics of your customers.


To conclude this article, selling an ebook online is extremely simple and accessible for everyone. There are a thousand and one platforms that allow you to do this.
Obviously, we advise you to use Paypersafe since this platform gathers all the necessary features to sell, share your ebooks and get back verified emails from your prospects or customers ! It’s up to you to make the right choice and start your business !

Do You Want To Sell Your Ebook ?

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